Sunday, February 5, 2017

Welcome To My New Home Away From Home!

Almost a year and a half late but I am finally here. :)

I am better known in the land of blogging as "Pigtales and Quilts".  I have decided to retire the old blog of 12+ years and start fresh.  I gave the old blog it's name because my hubby and I collect pottery from potters in Western North Carolina and have tried to collect a pig from all of the ones we follow.  Fast forward a few years and we no longer collect new pieces and just simply enjoy the ones we have.  I have talked about the pottery in the past but now have nothing new to contribute so it is time to start fresh.

The reason I chose Quiltaholic as the name of the new blog.....
.....I joined the HGTV Quilting and Needlework Forum in November 2003 and took on the nickname "Quiltaholic" and it stuck.  Some call me "Q" or "Quilt" for short when they see me in person now. Some simply call me "T".   HGTV took down their forums in 2014 and came to Facebook for all interactions so  I found us a new place to hang out on the web so we can still enjoy each others company.  We share in helping each other with various projects, swaps, round robins, challenges and lots of charitable works.

I am a professional longarm quilter for hire with over 10 years experience and love to work my magic on customer quilt tops.  If you are in need of a quilter, please send me an email.

I have actually quilted for the public for over 40 years but my first 30 years was hand quilting.  Carpal tunnel took that away from me so now I enjoy creating custom designs from the front of my longarm machine.  I also will run pantographs but find them boring.  I find I can give my customers all something different for almost the same money it takes to quilt a pantograph on their top.  And who wants their quilts to look the same as everyone else??  Be different, be bold... go for custom. :)

I am also an avid crazy quilter and love to create with needle and thread.  I also accept personal commissions for this type art. If you are interested, just shoot me an email.

I will be showcasing a lot of different type things I do on the blog, hence the name "Quiltaholic". :)

I know that changing my blog will result in starting out with no followers but I hope as my old friends come over, that they will share my new blog with their friends so they can come and follow as well.  I hope what I share will be worth the visit. :)

Happy quilting and blogging!


  1. Oh yeah. I’m the newest follower.

    1. Thank you Mary! Help spread the word for me if you will. :)

  2. Finally found you! Woo hoo!
    For some unknown reason blogger is using an old email address for me and won't change it for my comments here. I did subscribe with my current email address.