Thursday, August 1, 2019

Farmer Boy Quilt

The Farmer Boy continues to be one of my favorite old patterns to work with. I like him far better than Sunbonnet Sue. Why, I don't know, unless it is that little red hanky in his back pocket. lol

When I was 19 I began quilting for the public. It wasn't long after I started my business that I made a full size Farmer Boy quilt. There was a new gift shop in town that accepted consignments so I took it in and showed it to the shop owner. She accepted it and put it on display for sale. I walked out feeling quiet proud of myself that something I made was actually for sale in a gift shop. I received a phone call from the shop owner the very next day telling me that it had already sold and the lady who bought it ordered a second one in a different colorway. I was ever excited!! This was the boost I really needed to help keep me going forward.

I failed to take photos of those 2 quilts back then...heck I wasn't very good at making photos of anything I made in the beginning and how I wish I had!

The following Farmer Boy quilt was made for my husbands niece for her new baby boy back prior to 2009. I really liked the setting of this particular quilt and was glad that I made the blocks long and skinny instead of the usual 12 1/2 inch square.

I love reminiscing about my first days of quilting.  

Tell us, who or what got you in to quilting?